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The Demi God of the Beans

Kyamites Káti - Demi God of the Beans
Kyamites Káti is a real, legitimate God, as much as any other. Kάtianism is therefore a legitime religion that preaches reality and truth. Kάtianism is not a free pass for crazy ideas and crazy actions but an alternative religion for normal and real craziness that makes sense.
Encyclopedia about Kyamites:
KYAMITES (Kuamitês), the hero of beans, a mysterious being, who had a small sanctuary on the road from Athens to Eleusis. No particulars are known about him, but Pausanias says, that those who were initiated in the mysteries or had read the so-called Orphica would understand the nature of the hero.

It´s A Free God For All! You Create It!

Kάτι means something or anything in Greek. Kyamites can be anything and at last there is a god for the believers of something, it's in the name!

Do you believe in something? Then this is your God. He is also the god of the non believers, atheists. The godless ones can now say they have a god too, the god of reality! Perfect, now everyone has a god, even if they dont believe it existes!

Almighty Demi God Kyamites Kάτι Say: You can believe in anything or be anything but most important is to believe in yourself and be yourself. "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken!"

Holy Book of Kyamites Kάτι - A Divine Inspiration of YOU

All scripture is given by inspiration of the Demi God Kyamites. Holy Kάτι book is the inerrant word of Demi God Kyamites, without error in any aspect, spoken by Kyamites self and written down in its perfect form by humans. YOU!

Kάτιans believe that the Holy Kάτι book is the inspired word of the Demi God Kyamites Kάτι, that Kyamites Kάτi, through the Holy Kάτιan Spirit, intervened and influenced the words, message, and collation of the Holy Kάτι book.

Start Your God Creation Now!

Kyamites Kati Mission

The only God that proves there are NO Gods

Kyamites mission is to be free and free the universe from paranormal sects, cults or religions. He came to show us the path to the truth and reality. No more control from above!

Life after death, parallel universes, spirits from another world, gods, ghost, saints… you name it! Are untrue and uneal. Kyamites knows and has the prove. He was been there and saw it all, now he is here to tell us all about his findings.

" There are many levels of belief. We can be part of a community without becoming indoctrinated."

kyamites kati

Kyamites - source of all existing superstitions. Trace the origin or development of a superstition to Kyamites. Write your own!

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Kyamites has many superpowers. Superpowers from eating (moringa)beans. He controls nature, animals, thoughts, etc.

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What is Kyamites

Kyamites can be anything. A stone, a planet, a fly or a dinosaurus. He can be anywhere at any time. Use your imagination!

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Its a system and community of religious worship of the truth, reality, the individual self, Kyamites Kάτι and its rituals and ceremonies

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Religious Conversion

Requirements to Kάτιanity conversion: By free choice due to a change in beliefs. True conversion to Kάτιanity is thus a personal, internal matter and can never be forced.
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Holy Kάτι book

A Divine Inspiration of YOU. Kάτιans believe that the Holy Kάτι book is the inspired word of the Demi God Kyamites Kάτι.
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Every Friday 13th is sacred Kάti day. Its the celebration of Kyamies Kάti birthday, resurrection and reincarnation.
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Rules regulations

Here are some definitions, guidelines and general things that should be considered when writing a Devine Kάti story.
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The Real God

Maybe the only real God? Kyamites Kάti is all about reality and truth. About things that actually exist and are compreensible.
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